Theory of Vortices

René* is a philosopher and a mathematician, however he has an interesting Idea concerning celestial movements.

Theory of Vortices
Theory of Vortices

In his Idea, called Theory of Vortices, he says that the movement of the Planets is due to large Vortices of a subtle matter that fills the intersidereal space, Vortices carrying the Planets and keeping them on their trajectories.

Planets more dense revolve in inner trajectories, Planets less dense in outer trajectories. Each Planet has its own Vortex, so Eutòpia* has its small Vortex (which houses the motion of Luna*) and moves in the larger Vortex generated by Solis*. This Idea, extraordinarily beautiful, doesn’t have much success.


Wilhelm*, also a philosopher and a mathematician, as well as an endless source of Ideas, adheres to the theory of René but corrects its basic principle: for René it was in the constancy of the amount of movement, for Wilhelm is in the constancy of the amount of motive action or vis viva
this living force comes from an “extended matter” permeated by immaterial “centers of force” that he calls Monad.
He elaborates other interesting concepts such as the Principle of connection and the Principle of feedback. In informing the Men about his Ideas, he’s not very convincing.


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Theory of Vortices
September 18, 2019
René Descartes