Theory of Spherical Vortices

Unification has always been before our eyes, hidden in plain sight.

The “Theory of Spherical Vortices” is more than a continuation of the “Theory of Vortices” by Descartes and Leibniz.

It originates from the Idea of Monad, already present in the ancient Pythagorean school, and in its development it clashes with some results of the much acclaimed scientific revolution…

  • the Michelson-Morley experiment becomes an experiment badly set and meaningless (which doesn’t deny the existence of the Aether)
  • the expansion of the Universe becomes a wrong interpretation of the red shift
  • Gravitation becomes the effect of two causes, Aether and astral Light
  • revolutions of Planets and Satellites and rotations of Sun and Planets become the result of active motive causes and manifestations of perpetual motion
  • et cetera

Unfortunately we replaced the ancient “ipse dixit” with a modern and worse “science says so”… and de facto we accept nonsense on the basis of a principle of authority.

Told in a language that we can all understand, with beautiful explanatory images, the Theory of Spherical Vortices unveals the essence of Gravitation, of the dual nature of Light, of the fundamental Interaction, of the primigenial Principle underlying the Creation, common constituent principle of both Matter and Energy.


In the website some pages extracted from the eBook Theory of Spherical Vortices


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