Aether Wind

A few years ago it was believed that the propagation of the Light took place through a luminiferous Aether… and that Eutòpia*, because of its movement around Sun, had to be constantly swept by an Aether Wind, because of the conjecture that the Aether was everywhere stationary and integral with Sun…

so Albert Abraham*, looking for the Aether Wind, performs some experiments to measure the speed of Light in different directions… and after several unsuccessful attempts he decides to enlist the help of Edward*, with which he builds a precision interferometer in order to perform more accurate experiments that can be considered definitive… experiments performed also at different latitudes… experiments performed, anyway, always on perfectly horizontal planes…

The result of the experiments is “unexpected”… there is no displacement of the interference bands.

So, if the Aether was stationary, the composition law for velocities of Galileo* would fail in the case of the Light… i.e. the Light, in its propagation, wouldn’t be affected by any Aether Wind.

For Albert Abraham the result of the experiments just shows that the hypothesis of a stationary Aether is incorrect, without denying necessarily its existence… then the proponents of an Aether as a propagating medium for the Light suggest a different hypothesis… Eutòpia drags the Aether along with it in its orbit…

Eutòpia, rather, is moved by the movement of the Aether… indeed it happens that a Vortex of Aether, cause of the movement, interacting with the Planets of Solaris* defines their orbits and regulates their speeds of revolution around Sun.

As above, so below… so a Vortex of Aether regulates also the rotation of the surface of Eutòpia…

The Aether flows, describing geodesics, towards the Center of force of Eutòpia… and the rotation of the surface of Eutòpia is ”aligned“ to (as well as caused by) the tangential “movement” of the Aether in its correspondence… then the Wind so much sought is rather a vertical Rain. We could possibly experience this Rain but, in this case, many Men would interpret the result as ”the weight of the Light“.

Logically speaking… if we were looking for an interaction between Light and Aether then we should also presuppose the existence of an interaction between Matter and Aether… from which a certain futility of such an experiment.


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