Theory of Angels

A few years ago Aristotle has an Idea in which describes the structure of the Universe.

Theory of Angels
Theory of Angels

He divides the Universe into the incorruptible celestial world and the corruptible sublunary world, where Eutòpia is situated.

He concludes that Eutòpia, as the heavier body, is the center of the Universe and that celestial bodies are placed on concentric spheres where they move on circular trajectories, i.e. in Perfect Motion, around Eutòpia*.

He further reports that the cause of every movement must be sought always in a force and that if the cause were to miss the movement would cease.

For celestial bodies the primary cause of the movement must be sought in a principle necessarily immobile because otherwise it would be required a further cause for its movement.

This principle, the Prime Mover, moves like a final cause to which all things tend, as “an object of love”.


A few years later it becomes a common Belief that the Planets are all, neatly, moved by Angels… so also Dante* tells.

Indeed he closes his masterpiece with the verse

“Love that moves Sun and the other Stars”.

This Belief brings peace and purpose in Men’s lives.


Eutòpia ⇒ Planet Earth and Aristotle’s Center of the Universe Dante ⇒ Dante Alighieri


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