Prime Mover

René and Wilhelm have a similar Idea about the Universe and its movements: the Universe is a Creation of God so perfect as to implement the Perpetual Motion, without the need for further action by its Creator. However their Ideas differ substantially…

According to René* God creates the Matter with the movement and the rest, and retains in the Universe the movement and the rest initially placed with the Creation. Characteristic of the Universe is therefore the constancy in the amount of movement.

According to Wilhelm*, instead, characteristic of the Universe is the constancy in the amount of motive action… each Center of force originates a living force, whose interaction with the Matter generates the movement.

Anaximander and Aristotle propose, about the movement, unquantified but equally interesting Ideas…

Anaximander relates the movement of each Planet to the “movement” of the Apeiron, the fluid-light constituting his Prima Materia… then the Planets in Solaris*, with their movements, follow the Order imposed by the “movements” of the Apeiron, in all its forms.

Aristotle justifies the movement in Solaris, his simplified Universe, through the introduction of a Prime Mover

Aristotle is aware that the Stars, like the Planets in Solaris, are all at a different distance from Eutòpia*. Then he simplifies the Universe, projecting all its Stars in the Sphere of the fixed Stars and introducing the Prime Mover, Source of a background Energy coming from the Universe and the smallest possible Sphere enveloping the whole “movement” around Sun… the Sphere where the Vortex begins.

Then a continuous breath of Energy constantly comes from the Prime Mover, breath that fills Solaris, lights Sun, moves the Planets… the movements in the Galaxy housing Solaris, in a similar way, are a consequence of a much bigger Prime Mover… of a much more impressive action of the Creator.

And if, for Aristotle, the Prime Mover moves “like an object of love” then the Vortex, with its equilibrium and its cyclic nature, is the Movement with which the Creation expresses Love to its Creator.


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