The best of all possible Worlds

Eutòpia is the third Planet of Solaris and the best of all possible Worlds.

On Eutòpia Men have sometimes Ideas, however it’s in their nature to make mistakes, so it happens that Mirages (Doxa) are approved and Aletheia rejected.

The Knowledge of Men is based prevalently on the Learning through Beliefs, that is believing, without personal verification, in Ideas alleged genuine and told by Men of high caste particularly convincing… other times, as described by Plato, on the Reminiscence of the Ideas contemplated in the Iperuranio.

Unfortunately the Learning through Beliefs placed several times, over centuries, limits on the search of the Truths contemplated in the Iperuranio…


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Learning through Beliefs

  • Men have Beliefs
  • an Idea, if told by Men of low caste, is refused
  • it’s a common Belief that the Thinking of Men progresses with time
  • an Idea, if told by a Myth, is approved
  • Men don’t always have a perfect ability to discern
  • an Idea, if told by convincing Men, is approved
  • each Men believes his Ideas are Aletheia
  • a complex Idea is often not understood and approved
  • it’s a common Belief that there are Myths, Men with a superior Thinking
  • an Idea, if in accordance with the Beliefs, is approved
  • Men of high caste are more convincing
  • an Idea, if approved, becomes Belief
  • Men are divided into castes
  • an Idea that goes against the Beliefs is refused
  • Ideas are divided into Mirages and Aletheia
  • an Idea that is born from a Mirage is itself a Mirage
  • Men have Ideas


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