A strange Dream

I was in “continuous fountain-vortex” square and some Men were speaking vividly about what would have happened if two Planets had been placed near each other…

Two Planets with Spin
Two Planets with Spin

Some of them argued, with conviction, that they would have started to interact spontaneously, moving toward each other faster and faster until a catastrophic collision. In their opinion this was in accordance with the theory of a distinguished mathematician of Eutòpia*, which had formulated a gravitational law proving this thing.

Others argued that the smaller Planet would have started to revolve around the bigger Planet. In their opinion this was in accordance with the observation of the Planets in Solaris*, all revolving around Sun… and with their experience… indeed none of them had ever heard of Planets crashing with each other.

A visionary even claimed that the Planets would have burst and that the explosion would have dispersed their “Matter and Energy” in Space.

Then I said that the Planets would have remained motionless because the case was very similar to my observation of Luna*, always in the same fixed position with respect to Eutòpia…

therefore I had some doubts… so I asked if the Planets were in a Vacuum… and if they had a Spin and…

… then, as sometimes it happens in Dreams, I woke up.


Solaris ⇒ the solar System of Eutòpia Eutòpia ⇒ the best of all possible Worlds Luna ⇒ the Satellite of Eutòpia


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